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This is not legal advice. This is intended to provide general information only. Nothing herein in intended, nor should anything herein be construed as creating any attorney-client relationship. Please seek legal advice only from a competent attorney who is duly licensed in your jurisdiction. Web developers, graphic artists, software programmers and other Internet professionals often make the mistake of working without a net (pardon the pun). That is, they do business on a handshake. While the credo “my word is my bond” may be noble to live by, it is often the source of many problems. In addition, it seems that those digital warriors who do get signatures before they start a project, get them on form contracts that they find on the net or in a book. These are usually not worth the amount of energy it would take to burn them. So, what could the digital warrior be afra... (more)

Using File Includes To Create A Wizard-Style Graphical User Interface

Overview One of the most popular methods of using Cold Fusion to interact with a database is using HTML's form tags to create data collection input forms for applications such as site administration utilities or user surveys. While building forms is a relatively easy task, it's very important to provide a simple, consistent, recognizable, and user-friendly interface with your application that can be reused with minimal effort. We will create a "wizard" (see graphic) using FORM and TABLE elements and placing the reusable code into separate templates for use as file includes with ... (more)

FTC Issues New Rule To Protect Children From Cookies

Intellectual Property Lawyer Scott Fine warns of what the astute site manager should be aware of in the Federal Trade Commission's new Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule. Protecting children from cookies Not the chocolate-chip goodies presented with milk, but those insidious little dollops of data served up by websites to track traffic or collect information from their visitors. On October 20, 1999, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a new part to Title 16 ("Commercial Practices") of the Code of Federal Regulations, and on April 21, the rule came into effect. The n... (more)